28/11/2017 - Belgian PR summit


Zooming in on content,
audiences and platforms.

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Zooming in on content, audiences and platforms You hear it amongst a lot of communication professionals today: “There is no single version of the truth anymore”. Strange indeed, because not so long ago the adagium still was “the truth and nothing but the truth”. What is happening?

It is becoming clear that people and even opinion leaders all have their own version of the “truth” depending on moment, place and perspective. And apparently, the general public is flexible enough to deal with that phenomenon. Communication professionals are thus facing at the same moment difficult and interesting times. Because, how for heaven’s sake do you communicate correctly in this post truth era?

During the PR Summit ’17, C² will focus on content, target groups in communication and different platforms that rose and turned very interactive communications and opinion making into reality.

We will have two internationally valued key note speakers to set the scene and to share their academic and business vision on post truth communications. In two panels we will also confront different views of different stakeholders: journalists, bloggers, photographers, companies and non profit organizations, politicians, social media platforms and so called “millenials”. To conclude the Summit ’17 we are glad to present you a top speaker.

Kris Poté
Président C² and Vice President - Marketing & Communication Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer Capgemini
Emmanuel Goedseels
Président C² and Partner Whyte Corporate Affairs
“Assisting” at the Summit ’17 means also “participating” at it. We count on the input of all C² members and other guests to get involved in the conversations and discussions, and to ventilate your version of the…“truth” !



Panel 1 NL / FR

is our attention bought, or not?

For years now, communications specialists are advocating paid and earned content. Post-truth showed how much this approach can disrupt communications – or even nations, as it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish sources from the content that’s being distributed.

How do prominent media experts look at the current situation? Has the role of the media changed following Brexit or the US elections, or have they more than ever confirmed their role? But how do consumers respond? Do we know when they information/content we consume is bought? Can we still differentiate channels from platforms?


Panel 2 NL / FR

Fake news : are we losing our critical mind ?

Why do we believe so easily the things that are being told on Facebook and other social media ?
Is the Millenial generation easier influenced by false information which are often being spread by satirical sites and, more dangerous, malicious sites ?
How did Fake News become this big of a topic ? What are the “mechanics” behind this evolution ?
Has the credibility of the entire media been contaminated by the Fake news “virus” ? Do millennials still trust the traditional media ?



We expect you at

ING Brussels
Marnixlaan 24
1000 Brussels

Nearest parking (5min walk): Parking 2 Portes, Boulevard de Waterloo 2a, 1000 Brussels
Metro: Trône/Troon
Bus: 34, 38, 64, 80, 27, 95

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