22/11/2016 - Belgian PR summit

The intersection of corporate and marketing communication

“A forced marriage between heart and reason ?

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Yearly event organized by BPRCA and 3C

The next PR summit taking place on Tuesday 22 November 2016 will be a meeting ground for marketing communications and corporate communications. These may be two apparently opposing and occasionally complementary disciplines, but today they are more and more encouraged to talk to each other and to elaborate strategies together, in the face of consumers who are increasingly becoming citizens and citizens who are increasingly becoming con- sumers....

Marketing communications and corporate communications have not always sat easily together. The caricature of the vacuum cleaner or washing powder salesman has persisted throughout the years, as has that of the “spin doctor” in a three-piece suit, twisting information.

It is true that the two disciplines convey different messages, even if they come from the same organisations or businesses…A priori, marketing communications and corporate communications target distinct sectors of the public. Corporate messaging is structured in such a way as to transmit the attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and objectives of the organisation communicating, whilst marketing messages are intended to inform a public of consumers about the availability of a product or service.

Yet the two disciplines are moving closer and closer together: considering the economic reality as it is, businesses are always thinking in consumerist terms in the back of their mind, even if they are communicating as institutions. You communicate to employees so they become brand ambassadors, to the political sphere so it reinforces the regulatory and legislative foundation beneath the products and services you want to sell, towards “key opinion leaders” who are considered examples to follow for consumers in need of role models and reassurance.

Equally, consumers are also citizens, and « marketeers » can no longer skate over pressure from residents, public opinion or pressure groups. Any product or service, however insignificant it appears, can provoke a tsunami through social media. An energy supplier who has more success selling products because they are “Belgian and green” will be pilloried from one day to the next if idealist or activist customers suspect they have been the victims of “green-washing”; a bank suspected of immoral activities in some exotic paradise will lose its credit with its client base; the telecommunications provider who has abused a big press or “show-biz” personality will also see the finger pointed at them.

“Marketeers” and “corporate” communicators are therefore being increasingly forced to listen to each other. And some of them do it with joy and success.

Kris Poté
President 3C
Emmanuel Goedseels
President BPRCA
The summit will be pretty busy and intense. It will be a well filled afternoon with keynote speeches, followed by workshops during which you'll be able to work in depth on several topics. The academic part of the summit will end with a general session. Afterwards you will be able to enjoy a walking dinner, during which there will be ample possibilities to do some quality networking.



Panel 1 NL / FR

Business to product

The panel “business to product” will host speakers from companies and organizations that bring products to the market and to their target publics. How do they react when consumers or citizens suddenly start to criticize one of their products in the press or in social media ? Do they respond with hard marketing and advertising, or do they prefer to use generic communication and smart PR ? Have they a plan to anticipate? And do their marketing and communications responsible can work smoothly and rapidly together as one team to build and launch a new product, and keep it as a strong corporate and commercial brand in the market ? And this last question is probably the main question : can marketing and communication work as one team in all circumstances, how difficult these may be? Many more questions will be asked and solidly answered during the panel discussions, not only between the panel members but also with the audience.

Griet Byl Media marketing
Julie Frère Lobby Press Officer at Test-Aankoop / Test-Achats
Anouk Lagae Chief Marketing Officer at Duvel Moortgat
Nathalie Guillaume Corporate Affairs Director at Danone
Eva Levefre Associate Director Public Affairs & Communications at Coca-Cola Enterprises.
Jean-Marc Ponteville PR Manager Volkswagen at D'Ieteren - Safety, Sport & Eco driving
Moderator - Bruno Leyssens / Thierry Bouckaert Share

Panel 2 NL / FR

Business to service

In the Business to Service sector, one speaks of customers rather than consumers. Although crucial, they represent a much smaller stakeholder group. Traditionnally, communicators active in the business to service sector do not have “customers” in their stakeholdergroup to look after. However, as businesses gets tough, a new service will also need to be “marketed” and “positioned”, just like a product. Selling a “service” is also about selling an “experience”. Story telling techniques and content marketing will be key for that purpose. And this is where Communications & Marketing need to work hand in hand. And do they? Our team of panel members will discuss how they are affected by new trends and how their collaboration with Marketing has an impact (or not) on their roles and everyday responsibilities.

Laurent Winnock Director Communication, Brand & Sustainability Axa Belgium and President VB0-FEB Commission Communication
Benoit Gilson General Manager Corporate and Public Affairs Infrabel
Nele Van Malderen Director group communications at Proximus
Jean-François Sacré Journalist Mediafin - L’Echo
Stéphan Salberter Head of Corporate Communication & Relations – ING Bank
Moderator - Pascale Wauters / Kris Poté Share

DebateNL / FR

CEO's debate

Marc Michils CEO Kom op tegen Kanker
Chris van Roey CEO UBA Belgium
Dirk Van de Walle Country Director Spadel belux
Gerd Callewaert Country Managing Director Ipsos
Vincent De Brouwer Executive Director Greenpeace Belgium
Kevin Derycke CEO Burger Brands Belgium (Quick/Burger King)
Animated by - Alain Gerlache Share


More speakers will be revealed soon !


ING Marnix
Avenue Marnix 24
1000 Brussels

Parking: Public parking "2 Portes"
Metro: Trône/Troon
Bus: 34, 38, 64, 80, 27, 95

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